Since 1999, fatboy, a Netherlands-based company, has been outfitting rooms all over the world with their large, playful lounge bags. Currently available in over 50 countries and featuring a steadily growing product line, the name fatboy has quickly become synonymous with comfort, functionality and fun. fatboy products have been featured on MTV Europe, Big Brother, and numerous other television shows and media outlets. fatboy has created logo-customized lounge bags for companies including Bacardi, Sony Playstation, T-mobile, Coca Cola/Sprite, Phillips and even created a special version of the original fatboy for Jetix, a cartoon channel owned by Disney.

Created by award winning designer, Jukka Setala (a graduate of the University of Art and Design in Helsinki), fatboy adds a playful sense of whimsy and comfort to any interior. fatboys are made from a practical and easy to clean nylon material with a special coating–a damp cloth is all that’s needed to keep them looking clean and fresh for years to come. fatboys can be used as a lounge-bag in a student’s room, a relaxing chair for the office, a body pillow for children, teens and adults, or even a spare bed.

They work perfectly as multipurpose chairs and lounges in bedrooms, and are just right for relaxing in front of the TV or laptop. Also offered as a dog lounge in a variety of great colors, shapes, and sizes, there’s even a fatboy right for any and all of “man’s best friends.”

And as opposed to the traditional beanbag chairs, the fatboy features large dimensions giving the user plenty of room to sink into it and completely drift away. fatboy forms to the contours of the user’s body allowing for natural support and comfort in a vast range of different positions. Napping, studying, eating, and relaxing are always better when you have a fatboy around!