Glass and the art of glassmaking have always been a source of fascination to human beings: How can a substance such as sand, when heated, turn solid and opaque? Put science, ritual, and art together and you have the essence of this golden craft. Glass is produced from a mixture of silica, silicates, soda, lime, various gasses and coloring agents. It reaches the casting furnace in liquid-plastic state and is then extruded, poured, rolled, stamped, blown and spun into a wide range of shapes. In an age of high-tech machinery, glassmaking is one of the few crafts where the work is still done hands (and lips) on. Studio Italia Design’s artisans continue with this legacy as they practice the tradition handed down for generations creating timeless glass pieces. Unblemished Metal Work Chrome-plating, nickel-plating and galvanizing result in a shiny appearance whose brilliance varies with the type of coating involved. A layer of chromium or nickel is affixed to the surface of the steel by immersing it in a galvanic bath and supplying electrical current. With all machining and production in house, Studio Italia Design maintains its characteristic of attention to detail throughout the production process. Our metal work is completed under the strictest quality controls to ensure the highest quality pieces and metal finishes.

Studio Italia Catalogue
Studio Italia US Catalogue 2012     

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