Design, pure and simple.

The spaces we surround ourselves with influence how we feel, how we interact with one another, and how we behave. Good design is not a commodity. It’s a perspective, an awareness of the spaces and objects in our environment. It’s a choice about what we choose to put in those spaces, and ultimately, about how we choose to live.


Looking for unique home furnishings?

As interior and industrial designers by trade, we can help you create a personal design concept for your space. We’ll take you through the options and make recommendations on finishes and colours, so that the pieces you choose will bring it all together.

Wishing for project coherency?

We’re located in the LightForm Design Centre, which means we can help you coordinate your entire project by connecting you with our partners: LightForm: modern architectural, decorative, and technical lighting

Need help finding interior elements for your corporate and hospitality projects?

As a designer you need to find options for your clients based on appropriateness, budget, and availability. Share your plans with us and we’ll do the sourcing for you.

Need something in a hurry?

We have an entire warehouse full of items ready to go, and we’re always replenishing. Stop by our showroom and we’ll take you behind the scenes.